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Ellen Kesten

"When the moment comes, it is in the act of moving away. In New Mexico, we feel the moving away of time every day-- the passion of beauty and grief when high clouds collide with bright light over the dark mountains. Even as we watch, the brilliance changes and fades, leaving us with memory and an inexpressible longing. This shifting of light, color and pattern, is my inspiration. These paintings are impressionistic and also recognizably here-- the high desert, New Mexico, at its highest, deepest and most powerfully vivid. As an artist, my intent is to paint fluidly, moving quickly to catch that light, that phase of clouds on the desert floor, until that moment is gone." These are a collection of pastels, oils and acrylics. The pastels are painted on Sennelier paper and done with Sennelier and Schmincke soft pastels. All framing is archival.