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Kay Marcotte

It's easy to find artistic inspiration in the American Southwest... simply spin around and open your eyes. The clear, dry air and intense sunlight helps me to see texture, form and color, and the paintings are inspired by the natural southwestern landscapes, skyscapes and gardens. Common themes in my work are roads and waterways. Agaves are a favorite plant subject. Our dramatic clouds and sunsets can be surreal and I watch the skies daily. My technique is mostly expressed through layers of color. Every painting has four or more layers before the final topical colors are applied. The trick is to leave bits of color from each underpainting layer and not exuberantly cover up too much. I like all aspects of color theory, but for me "The Surprise"-- the pink spot poking out from green foliage, the orange stripe in the blue sky-- makes me the happiest with my work. My painting style is primarily Impressionistic. The medium is Golden acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas. I work plein air or from my own photographs. I started studio fine arts classes in the 70s and have continued studies for decades, primarily through the University of Minnesota, School of Fine Arts and the University of New Mexico, College of Fine Arts. I live quietly in my own home in Albuquerque, New Mexico and paint weekly. Artists I admire and am inspired by are Emily Carr, Fairfield Porter, Gerald Cassidy, Len Chmiel, and Russell Chatham. ---Kay Marcotte